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We aim to utilize our decades of experience, specialized skills and local knowledge to provide customized, integrated solutions to solve our clients’ logistics challenges. Our commitment to efficiency and professionalism guarantee the analysis, identification and implementation of the most secure, timely, cost-effective and reliable products and methods.


At F.lli Ferretti we truly follow our mission.
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Our Team is composed of individuals who have worked in shipping, customs, and logistics for most of their careers. As such, they have honed very diversified skillsets through industry specific experiences while creating personalized services for each customer.


We know that success depends on beating deadlines. That is why when we make a commitment, we do so having carefully calculated every possible alternative, every possible optimization, and every possible backup plan. Should something unexpected occur, we are ready to intervene immediately.


Passion is the value that guides us. This is the same passion that helps us surpass limitations imposed by time zones, holidays, and normal business hours to deliver innovative solutions to our customers and often beat required deadlines.


For F.lli Ferretti, the labels “customer” and/or “supplier” are actually treated as “partner” in business development. From the analysis of individual needs to the closure of the shipment, from the customs operation to the specific logistics service, we are constantly in contact with our “partners” to ensure their complete satisfaction.


With the name F.lli Ferretti gaining trust in the market for over 70 years, combined with our Team of proven experts and the consolidated partnerships at the international level, we confidently offer our customers a truly 360° service.


We have a solid yet flexible structure which allows us to quickly change our approach, the characteristics of the service, and adapt to variations that may occur at any time during the operation. From fundamental regulatory changes, to passing weather/traffic conditions, we are ready to intervene in real-time.


We are not satisfied with providing “good” service; we want to exceed our clients’ expectations and be confident that they have received the highest possible levels of advice and service. “Excellence in Everything” is how we approach our continuous staff trainings, the acquisition of certifications, and the constant search for partners who understand and respect our (very high) standards.


F.lli Ferretti is a family-owned business staffed with individuals who have perfectly embodied its call to collaboration. We are a close-knit team which knows how to value the individual’s skills to benefit of the customer, the market, and the very same staff member; with work and customer satisfaction, the chain is complete, and we all grow together.


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